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Enso: Meditate in VR

Elevate your meditation practice with Enso, an Oculus Quest VR app designed to alleviate stress and anxiety. Embark on immersive journeys that lead you towards deep relaxation and personal growth.

Only on Oculus Quest.


Guided Journeys

Discover 10 tailored meditation experiences designed to help you focus, unwind, and enter a state of deep relaxation. Transform your mindfulness practice.

Immersive Worlds

Engage all your senses with soothing ambient sounds and music, enveloping you in a fully immersive environment that enhances your meditation experience.


Enjoy new and unique meditation sessions every time, with dynamic content designed to keep your practice fresh, engaging, and personally rewarding.

Track Progress

Monitor your meditation journey with in-depth stats and insights, allowing you to set goals and maintain a consistent, life-changing practice.

All Skill Levels

Enso is perfect for beginners and experienced meditators alike, offering an intuitive and adaptive experience that evolves with your practice.

Personal Growth

Set and achieve mindfulness milestones within Enso, empowering you to make meditation a pivotal aspect of your daily life and personal development.

Enso: A New Dimension of Calm

Experience inner peace like never before with Enso, the revolutionary VR meditation app. Dive into 10 tailored journeys, surrounded by captivating visuals and soothing sounds. Unlock a personalized, ever-evolving mindfulness practice for all skill levels. Transform your mind, body, and spirit with Enso.

Customer stories

Collected from Meta Quest, Sidequest and Reddit.

“Just started using the app a few days ago, but I already have the feeling it is a good way to relax from the stressful world. I also love the relaxing music and sometimes it makes me so relaxed that I forget to make circles around the flying bubbles… which is a good sign I suppose. “


This app is a simple yet effective way to relax, with calming music and sounds, and a flow which makes the tasks easy to undertake as you focus your mind. With various levels, you are able to determine how much distraction your mind needs to take you away from the fast paced nature of modern life. The app itself involves creating circles around glowing orbs, which then burst with a ripple similar to water. Simple, yet effective.

Day VReamer

“Enso VR is a fantastic app that simplifies meditation and makes it accessible to anyone.What I love about Enso VR is that it’s so easy to use, yet so effective. Even if you’re a beginner, the app provides a seamless experience that helps you unlock your inner peace.Overall, I highly recommend Enso VR to anyone who wants to explore the benefits of meditation and unlock their inner peace. It’s simple, yet effective, and definitely worth trying out. Thank you to the developers for creating such a wonderful app!”


My parents sometimes borrows my headset and all they use is this meditation app. They said it was relaxing for them. Happy it made them feel better.


Great app for distracting myself from anxiety and good when I feel contention. I liked the different meditation styles and although some were more active than others, I think they are all good for escaping reality and stress.


The game really lets you become immersed in itself, making sure you keep your focus as you wave your hands around slowly and circle sparkles and stars. It’s a different type of meditation experience that I wasn’t expecting and really enjoyed. The music is pretty nice and helps get into it too. If you’d rather just relax and forget about circling your controllers around thats also an option. I liked to close my eyes and take deep breaths. It’s fun to reaaally reach that point where you just feel your body floating and you can open your eyes to all the color and stars around you. As a newbie on VR meditation I can say I’m quite happy with this experience.


Ready to use Enso VR?

Embark on a revitalizing journey with Enso VR and immerse yourself in a world designed to alleviate stress and anxiety. Achieve deep relaxation, enhanced focus, and personal growth through guided meditation sessions.

Only on Oculus Quest.